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Following is a list of 229 events being currently supported by Shri Muhurta

CategoryTraditional NameWestern Name
Baby Admission to School Sending child to the school for the 1st time
Baby Bath after one week from delivery Washing of the baby for the 1st time
Baby Birth ceremony of a child Birth Ceremony of the child
Baby Breast feeding for the first time Breast feeding the baby for the 1st time
Baby Cradling Putting the baby in the cradle for the 1st time
Baby Ear Boring (Karnavedha) Piercing ears
Baby Feeding cow milk after 31 days of birth Feeding cow milk to the baby for the 1st time
Baby Feeding rice for the first time Feeding solids to the baby for the 1st time
Baby Giving betal leaf after 2 1/2 months of birth Giving betal leaf to the baby for the 1st time
Baby Going out of house for the first time Taking the baby out of the house for the 1st time
Baby Investiture with sacred thread (Upanayanam) Performing a ritual to start education
Baby Learning how to write Teaching the baby how to write
Baby Naming the child (Namakarna) Announcing the name of the new born
Baby Sitting on land for the first time Letting the baby sit on the ground for the 1st time
Baby Tonsure (Chowlam) The first haircut
Baby Worship of river well ponds etc. after delivery Religious thanksgiving after the delivery
Business Buying and Selling of Cows/Cattles Buying or selling of large animals
Business Buying and Selling of Horses Buying or selling of horses
Business Establishing Large scale Business Starting a large business
Business Establishing Small scale Business Starting a small business
Business Gold and Gold Ornaments Starting a business related to precious metals
Business Precious Stones (cutting and polishing) Starting a business related to gem stones
Business Buying and Selling of elephants Buying or selling trucks for business
Business Buying and Selling of Goats Cows etc. Buying or selling pets for business
Business Selling for making profit Starting any kind of retail business
Business Vehicles Buying or selling a vehicle
Business Selling shares Selling stock
Business Buying Shares Investing in stock market
Construction Boring Swimming Pool Lake Well Pond etc. Digging wells and constructing pools
Construction Building Ships Building a boat
Construction Collecting Material like bricks etc. Buying construction material
Construction Cutting Wood Marble etc. Cutting construction material
Construction Establishing colonies villages etc. Starting construction of a community
Construction Fixing Door/Door Frame Putting a door in place
Construction Foundation of Boring Well etc. Drilling a well
Construction Interior Decoration Interior decoration
Construction Laying Foundation Construction of a foundation
Construction Laying Pillars Putting up the frame of a structure
Construction Making a new house Constructing a house
Construction Making Jain Temples Monastery Church Constructing a religious building
Construction Making new bridges Making a bridge
Construction Making New Temples Making New Temples
Construction Parliament Royal/Govt Houses Forts Constructing an administrative building
Construction Repairs and maintenance of house Physical maintenance of a building
Construction Small water tank Constructing a pool or water tank
Construction Tank for Aquatic Plants Constructing a garden pool or aquarium
Construction Tying Flowers (Vandan Mala) around house Inaugurating a new house
Construction Village Assembly Construction of a meeting hall
Construction Water Tank etc. at Home Construction of a water heater or tank
Construction Dismantling buildings Tearing down a structure
Dealing Borrowing Money Borrowing money
Dealing Depositing the money Depositing money with a person
Dealing Depositing the Money in the Bank Depositing money with a bank
Dealing In Cattle Trading animals
Dealing In Horses Trading horses
Dealing Lending Money Lending money in business deals
Dealing Loan Giving Lending money as a Loan
Dealing Loan receiving Getting a formal loan
Dealing Loan repayment Making an loan installment
Dealing Recovering Due Money Recovering due payments
Education Astrology and Astronomy Learning Astrology or Astronomy
Education Commencing Education Learning in general
Education Convocation (Completing studies) Completing studies
Education Dance and Music Learning Dance and music
Education Grammer Logic and Philosophy Learning language math or philosophy
Education Medicine Learning medicine
Education Science Learning science
Education To Learn Alphabet Learning to read and write
Education Trade Learning trading
Education Vedas and Shastras Learning spiritual knowledge
Farming Adding Fertilizers/Manure Fertilizing land
Farming Buying Land Buying land for farming
Farming Collecting and Storing Cereals Harvesting and storing grains
Farming Crushing/Grinding Cereals Crushing or grinding grains
Farming Cutting Off Cereals Cutting off grains
Farming Felling Trees Cutting trees
Farming General Farming
Farming Grafting and Pruning Grafting and pruning
Farming Harvesting Harvesting
Farming Lending Cereals to Fellow Farmers Lending grains to other farmers
Farming Planting Planting for farming
Farming Ploughing the Field Ploughing
Farming Putting Plough on the oxen Getting ploughing equipment ready
Farming Selling Cereals Selling grains
Farming Sowing Seeds in the Field Sowing
Farming Watering Watering
Grih Pravesh Entering into a New House Moving into a newly built house
Grih Pravesh Entrance in Broken/Repaired/Old house Moving into a used house
Grih Pravesh Worship of Vastu Lord Religious ceremony to bless the home
Manufacturing Bed Swing Quilt etc. Makig beds and related
Manufacturing Clothes Making clothes
Manufacturing Ornaments without using jewels Making ornaments
Marriage (Swayambar) Choosing of Groom by Bride Girl dating boy
Marriage Construction of Vedica (altar) / Platform Choosing church for marriage
Marriage First time cooking by the Bride First meal prepared by bride
Marriage 1st time entering husband"s house by bride Visiting the inlaws first time
Marriage 2nd time entering husband"s house by bride Visiting the inlaws 2nd time
Marriage Love Marriage Marriage
Marriage Arranged Marriage Arranged Marriage
Marriage Mutual acceptance of Marriage Decision on marriage
Marriage Oil Anointing/Smearing Oil anointing before marriage
Marriage Engagement Engagement
Marriage Selecting Bride Parent selecting bride
Marriage Selecting Bridegroom Parents selecting groom
Marriage Sitting on Marriage Pavillion Entering church for wedding
Marriage Re Marriage Re Marriage
Medical Begining Treatment Medical treatment
Medical Dental Dental work
Medical Nose treatment Nose treatment
Medical Surgical Operations Surgery
Medical Taking enemas Intestinal cleaning
Medical Taking injections Getting injections
Medical To Prepare medicines Preparing medicines
Medical Treatment for Cunsumption Dieting
Medical Treatment for epilepsy Epilepsy treatment
Medical Treatment for leprosy Skin treatment
Medical Treatment of Veneral disease Treatment of veneral disease
Misc Adopting a Child Adopting a child
Misc Appeasing the Planets Appeasing the Planets
Misc Colouring of clothes Painting or dying cloth
Misc Cutting Nails Cutting nails
Misc Destroying strongholds Destroying strongholds
Misc Dinner of New Grains Eating new harvest
Misc Divide Property Dividing property
Misc Doing a Havan / Oblation Doing Havan / Oblation
Misc Eating nine types of cereals [1st time] Eating 9 types of grains
Misc Employing New Servants Employing a new person
Misc Final Liberation for Investiture of Sacred Thread Final Liberation
Misc Forming a Library Starting a library
Misc Havan/Oblation for satisfaction of a God Religious cermenony
Misc Horse Races Horse race
Misc Inauguration of School Hostel Boring Garden. Inauguration of a school
Misc Initiation in a Mantra Learning to meditate
Misc Installing a Deity Installing a deity
Misc Investiture of Sacred Thread to get Relief Investiture of Sacred Thread to get Relief
Misc Keeping/Taming/Fostering Birds Getting a bird pet
Misc Lotteries and Competitions Entering a competition
Misc Make up Putting make up
Misc Making a Will Making a will
Misc Making weapons containing a hole (eg. Guns) Making a gun
Misc Pet Animals like Dog Cat Parrots etc. Getting a pet
Misc Plantation of trees and plants Planting
Misc Playing Musical Instruments for the first time Playing an instrument
Misc Pledging Pledging
Misc Moving to another House Changing residence
Misc First time Riding of an automobile or a Horse etc. Using a new vehicle
Misc Seeking Escaped Prisoners Seeking escaped prisoners
Misc Shaving Shaving
Misc Shifting from place to place Moving temorarily
Misc Taking First Bath after Illness Taking bath after sickness
Misc Tasting of water drawn from a new resource Testing a new well
Misc Time for expanding a sovereign Expanding a sovereign
Misc Washing of clothes/Giving in Laundry Doing Laundry
Misc Funeral Rites: when dead body is available Funeral rites if body is available
Misc Funeral Rites: when dead body is not available Funeral rites if body is not available
Misc Writers beginning writing Writing
Official Appointment on a new post/Career Starting a new job
Official Coronation Coronation
Official Democratic rule Voting
Official Electing Head of the State Electing president
Official Filing Application Filing an application
Official Filing Law Suit/Court Case Filing a law suit
Official Meeting with High Officials Meeting with officials
Official To apply for a job or Party tickets etc. Applying for a job
Official To meet the Higher Authorities Meeting aithorities
Pregnancy (Ghati Dharan Muhurta) Ceremony in 3rd month of pregnancy
Pregnancy Taking bath after menstrual period Taking bath after the menstrual period
Pregnancy Ceremony performed on the third month Ceremony performed on the third month
Pregnancy Rituals to change the sex of the child Rituals to change the sex of the child
Pregnancy First apperance of menstrual excretion First menstruation
Pregnancy First pregnancy/conception after marriage First pregnancy
Pregnancy Lying in Apartment Setting up a delivery room for the childbirth
Pregnancy Pregnancy diet of a woman Following a diet prescribed for pregnancy term
Pregnancy Conception (Garbhadhan) Conception
Pregnancy Seemantha Getting pregnant
Pregnancy Treatment of pregnant woman Treatment of pregnant woman
Pregnancy Worship in eighth month for safety of delivery Worship in 8th month for safe delivery
Purchasing Arms Buying arms
Purchasing Buying Cattles Buying cattle
Purchasing Buying House Buying house
Purchasing Buying Sheeps Buying sheep
Purchasing Jewellery Buying Jwellery
Purchasing Jewels Buying gems
Purchasing Land Buying land
Purchasing Land for building Land for making a building
Purchasing New items Buying new things
Purchasing Items for Business Buying business related items
Purchasing Utensils etc. Buying utensils
Purchasing Vehicles Buying vehicles
Selling Things Selling
Starting Black Magic Doing Black magic
Starting Dairy Farms Dairy Farms
Starting Embroidery Work Emroidery work
Starting Fish Farming Fish farming or fishing
Starting Jewellary Work Making jewellary
Starting Joining Government Service Starting a government job
Starting Leather Work and wearing new leather shoes Wearing or making leather shoes
Starting Machinery Using machines
Starting Opening a Shop Opening a store
Starting Physical Exercises (first time) Physical exercise
Starting Poultry Farming Poultry farming
Starting Putting new ship/boat into water Putting new boat in the water
Starting Wars Waging war
Using New Bed Swing Quilt etc. (1st time) Using new bed
Using Items like Camphor Sandal etc. Using aromatics
Using New Account Book Accounting
Using New Utensils Using new utensils
Using Oil for massage Applying massage oil
Using New software Installing and using new software
Wearing Armour Wearing armour
Wearing Bangles Wearing bangles
Wearing Clothes woven with golden or silver thread Wearing new cloth with golden/silver thread
Wearing New clothes by a man Wearing new clothes for a man
Wearing New clothes by a woman Wearing new clothes for a woman
Wearing New hat crown turban etc. Wearing new head cover
Wearing New Ornaments Wearing new ornaments
Wearing Red Clothes (first time) Wearing red clothes
Wearing Weapons Carrying weapons
Wearing White Clothes (first time) Wearing white clothes
Wearing Woolen clothes Wearing woolen clothes
Wearing Yellow clothes (first time) Wearing yellow clothes
Journeys East Journey to the East
Journeys South East Journey to the South East
Journeys South Journey to the South
Journeys South West Journey to the South West
Journeys West Journey to the West
Journeys North West Journey to the North West
Journeys North Journey to the North
Journeys North East Journey to the North East

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