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Vedic Vaastu 2.0

(Now Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu Languages)
Vedic Vaastu
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Parashara Software proudly presents Vedic Vaastu, the long awaited tool for creating Vaastu compatible layouts. Based on classical Vaastu scriptures and backed by extensive research, this software provides the complete interactive solution for Macro and Micro level Vaastu applications. It encompasses the richness of the classics and provides access to powerful tools for Vaastu application in customized layouts.

As of today, this is the World’s most comprehensive, innovative, interactive and user-friendly Vaastu software. We are confident that this would meet all your requirements and keep you updated with the latest developments in the Vaastu arena.

Ekasheetipada grid placement and direction tilt consideration are the basic premises for any vaastu layout. This is the only Vedic Vaastu Software that provides the choice of multiple options for grid placement, outer pada extension and direction tilt consideration in the layout.

The software calculates direction tilt up to the minutest degree with the highest accuracy. The ekasheeti pada grids, plot dimensions, aayadi calculations and directional auspiciousness are also accurately presented.

User Friendliness and Interactivity
The software is extremely user friendly and allows a high level of inter-activity. Designing layouts and placing entities and objects by simply clicking on their icons makes it all so easy. Objects can be easily resized, rotated or moved by a right click.

Fully Customizable
The software is fully customizable and a range of calculative, display, print, color, explorer, report and font options have been provided to help the user. Vedic Vaastu has accommodated the different needs of Vaastu practitioners following different methods of grid placement, outer pada extension and direction consideration. We have provided the facility to select the preferred option for the grid and direction in the layout. The variety of combinations that emerges out of this is not only amazing but truly very comprehensive.

Vaastu Grid Method
With due respect to vaastu practitioners following different methods of grid placement, the software supports a choice of three different methods to draw Vaastu grid - Circumscribed, Inscribed and Actual plot area with or without pada extension feature. This is a unique feature in as much as it makes it so easy to switch between different methods and assess the best suited grid placement as per the plot shape and individual preference without compromising with the Vaastu rules. Optional outer pada extension feature has also been provided.

Vaastu Grid - Ekasheeti Pada position
The program has a provision to show the starting point and ending point of Ekasheeti padas in terms of measuring units. Placing the mouse pointer at any point of the pada indicates the exact position in the Current Position field in the right end of the top menu bar. This comes in very useful while designing the layout and placing entities and objects.

Direction Tilt Calculation
The software calculates direction tilt up to the minutest degree with the highest accuracy.

Direction Tilt Consideration
This is another unique feature of the software as it allows a choice of three different methods to consider direction tilt: Best fit, Compressed fit and Zero tilt. Our learned users will be amazed by the in depth dimension added to Vaastu layouts that emerges out of the combination of Vaastu grid methods and direction tilt considerations.

Macrocosm and Microcosm
The Vaastu Purush Mandal is the basis of applying the core fundamentals of Vaastu. When this is applied to the land or plot it is Macrocosm or ‘Mother Vaastu’ and when the same Vaastu Purush Mandal is applied on an individual room of a house, it is Microcosm or ‘Child Vaastu’. Vaastu compatible placement of Entities and objects at bothe the macro and micro level are supported in the software.

Marma Sthaan Indication
Vedic Vaastu supports the indication of the Marma sthaan bindus on the layout. Marmas are the vital energy points of Vaastu and are derived from the intersection of the six diagonals in the Ekasheeti pada mandal. Accurate calculation of the marma bindus in the software is very significant, in as much as it is very difficult to plot the same on an actual plot manually. There is an added provision to see the exact position of the marma sthaan bindu in terms of measuring units. Placing the mouse pointer over the Marma Sthaan indicates the tentative position in the Current Position field in the right end of the Toolbar. This comes in very useful while designing the layout and placing entities and objects. The program also supports an option to display or hide the Marma Sthaan bindus on the screen or the report printout.

Classical Base
The software recommendations are based on ancient scriptures and time tested Vaastu parameters.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Religious Vaastu
Vedic Vaastu supports Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Religious Vaastu categories.

Plot Shapes
Although it has not been possible to accommodate all conceivable shapes and sizes, Vedic Vaastu supports an extensive range of over 40 plot shapes that are widely used.

Special Auspiciousness Indicator with Auto Updating for easy placement
The Auspiciousness Indicator is another unique feature of Vedic Vaastu, as it dynamically updates the auspiciousness quotient, as you move the entity or object in your quest for a vaastu compatible placement.

Vaastu Assistant
Instant Vaastu guidance is available in the form of a Vaastu assistant who can be displayed or placed anywhere on your layout and used as a ready reckoner.

Vaastu Remedies for Vaastu doshas
Vaastu remedies for Vaastu doshas emerging from incorrect placement of entities and objects have also been provided where possible.

Wide Range of Entities & Objects
The software supports an extensive range of over 100 entities and 150 objects to choose from. The Entities can be easily rotated to match the requirements of varied plot shapes.

Beautifully Designed Reports
Beautiful colored as well as black and white printouts of the screen/layout as well as pre figured models can be printed from the software. There is a facility to select auspicious and symbolic report borders from a range of border options.

Large Size Maps
Vedic Vaastu allows you to print large size maps also. When the printer dialog comes up, you can select the paper size according to your requirement and supported by the printer.

File and Floor Manager
There is a File Manager and a Floor Manager for logical organisation of multiple layouts and floors.

Aayadi Calculator
Vedic Vaastu supports a detailed Aayadi calculator with auto converted hasta and angula measurement units. Aayadi Ganana is a matrix of architecture and astrological calculations that are done to check the energy suitability of the plot and its relationship with the owner. Apart from the Aayadi Shadvarga (Aaya, Vyaya, Amsha, Nakshatra, Yoni and Vaar-tithi) criteria, there are some other criteria like Dravya, Rina, Yoga, Ayu, Vash Mandal and Tarabala, which also help in assessing whether the specific qualities of a house are in harmony with the owner.

Defining Hasta in the Aayadi Calculator
Vedic Vaastu supports an The Hasta measurement is distance of the tip of the index finger and the elbow of the owner. The software now allows you to specify the size of owner’s Hasta. (Example – One Hasta = 18 inches). This measure will then be used by the Aayadi calculator.

Direction Indicator Compass
Vedic Vaastu supports an The Direction Indicator Compass shows all the four directions and the program comes with an option to show/hide the degree dial.

Nakshatra based House Facing Direction
Vedic Vaastu recommends suitable house facing direction based on your birth nakshatra.

Research Tools
Special tools have been provided to search among layouts and layout groups according to different sort criteria. Layout data can be exported to a file for later retrieval. Statistics on Layouts are also available through the program.

Email Feature
An email feature in the program opens a window from where you can send an email with attachments directly.

Handy Tool Tips
The program has a collection of interesting Vaastu tips for the user.

Choice of Different Measurement Units
Vedic Vaastu supports all the widely used measurement units. For Aayadi calculations, the auto converted hasta angula measurement units have been supported.

Suitable for Amateurs and Professionals
The range of features, interactive tools, research possibilities and extensive tutorial makes it the preferred choice for both amateurs and professionals.

Classical text
There is a detailed chapter on classical vaastu history along with colorful graphical representation of Ekasheetipada deities and Rekha Devis.

Extensive Tutorial
An extensive tutorial with easy understanding and based on classical Vaastu literature with sanskrit shlokas is an interesting feature that will appeal to Vaastu scholors.

The software supports an Accounting history for commercial users.

Free Sample Layouts
Free Sample Layouts have been provided with the program for guidance and reference.

Muhurta Guidance
The program supports guidance for muhurta calculation for house related rituals in the form of a tutorial as well as an online service. There are detailed instructions for performing the Grahapravesh (Housewarming) puja.

An online as well as printed manual with easy guidelines, instructions and illustrations is available with the program.

The software is available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu Languages.

Customer Support
In line with the Parashara tradition we provide lifelong free and friendly customer support.

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