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Parashara Software in association with International Vastu Academy now opens before you a new vista for learning - Correspondence and Online courses in Vastu, a science closely affiliated to astrology, and also a part of the five great holistic sciences which in totality form a comprehensive remedial field to convert an individual's journey of pain and struggle into harmony and rhythm.

Parashara Software, one of the largest Vedic Astrology Software companies is well known world wide for its extensive range of Vedic Astrology Softwares, specially Parashara's Light the most popular and most preferred software of the global astrological fraternity. The intricate mathematics of Vedic Astrology has been combined with modern computer technology to develop these easy to use, yet very powerful softwares that fulfill the needs of both the novice and the professional alike with their ease of use, elegance, fast speed, accuracy, and a vast variety of calculations.

International Vastu Academy is a pioneering institute in the world for teaching Astrology, Vastu and related Architectural concepts, integrated together in a compact, yet indepth learning experience supplemented with extensive field training and exposure to live projects under the guidance of seasoned Vastu practitioners and academicians. Functioning since 2004, IVA has successfully established for itself a distinct identity because of its quality courses and its well trained students, many of whom are flourishing Vastu consultants on date.

The literal meaning of Vastu is a plot of land and construction there upon, using the knowledge of Vastu Shastra. All rules are derived from concepts of Vastu purush and Vishwakarma. This is a science with Vedic origin, derived from Sthapatya Veda which is a part of the Atharva Veda. Maymatam, Mansaar, Samarangan Sutradhar, Vasturaj Vallabh, Vishwakarma Prakash and Brihat Samhita are the ancient classics deemed to have originated from Atharva Veda and the eight puranas including Matsya Puran, Sur and Asur school of architecture as advocated by Garg and Mayasura respectively. Use of cosmic energy for a good life had been prescribed in literature and ancient writers coded the secrets for the implementation by the architects. It took thousands of years of research to fabricate the rules of Vastu and incorporate these in Vedic texts. Vastushastra as such is a concept relating to consumable energy received in the form of solar, lunar, planetary energy and energy from constellations, from velocity, fusion, radiation, interaction, gravitation, magnetism and other astronomical phenomena. Ancient Indians believed that investing energy into the plot of land may yield bliss, prosperity and peace of mind, happiness, marital bliss, children's happiness and wealth.

The study of Vastu Shastra starts with the selection of land on the basis of directions, Moon sign, descriptions of land, auspicious time for purchase and starting construction sequence of construction of house, factory, palace, temple or town in accordance with specific rules of construction based on renewable energy, center point energy accumulation of energy, facility of light, air, water, open space, symmetry and comfortable living.

The concept of Vastupurush attaining divinity is explained in old books Matsya Purana and Brihat Samhita. A demon turned into a divine man and became a deity, as a result of a boon from Brahma, the creator. He was buried by a group of 45 deities in all, keeping his head facing towards the earth and back facing the sky. His hands and legs were folded to nail him for ever. As a divine mercy, he was blessed to receive a share as a deity from the yajna or sacrifices performed by human beings, and with the power to grant blessings after the worship. The mythological design which explains about the Vastu Purush evolved from a square plot of land. A Vastu Home means architectural design crafted on Vastu Purush plan.

Vastu Course:
The Correspondence/Online Vastu Training is the complete Vastu Rectification Package that will make you a complete Vastu practitioner and develop total understanding of Vedic as well as modern aspects of Vastu Science.

This program enables you to learn the subject sitting at home with the help of customized learning tools, easy to understand modules, live case studies/field training under the guidance of senior and learned Vastu practitioners.

Correspondence Vastu Course for Beginners
Online Vastu Course for Beginners
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Online Vastu Course for Astrologers

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