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Aayadi Calculations

The Ayadi calculator in the Tools menu is a very handy tool for determining the auspiciousness quotient of the mother wall of the house under construction. Where necessary, appropriate modifications can be made and evaluated to get the desired auspicious measurements. The calculator automatically converts the measurement to hasta and angul units for calculation purposes.

The Aayadi Calculator is very detailed and comprehensive. Aaya determines whether the land will bring prosperity. Vyaya means decrease of prosperity. Amsha determines the nature of the land. Nakshatra is the ruling constellation of the land. Yoni determines the direction of energy flow of the land. Vaar is the day of the week and tithi is the day in lunar calendar for construction of building and performing invocation of Vastu Purusha.

Apart from the Aayadi Shadvarga criteria, there are some other criteria like Dravya, Rina, Yoga, Ayu, Vash Mandal and Tarabala, which also help in assessing whether the specific qualities of a house are in harmony with the owner. Dravya determines the matter and content of the land. Dravya is seen in relation to Rina and should be higher than Rina. Rina assesses the financial potential of the house for its owner. Rina is seen in relation to Aaya and should be less than Aaya. Yoga indicates the auspicious Naisargika Yoga for the house. Vaidhriti, Vishkumbha, Atiganda, Shula, Ganda, Vyaghata, Vajra, Vyatipata and Parigha are the inauspicious Yogas. Ayu relates to the longevity of the house. Vash mandala indicates the owner's destiny and fate. A Vash mandal of 3 or 4 is not beneficial. Tarabala indicates the strength of the asterism. A favorable asterism strengthens the Moon while a weak asterism weakens it.

The results can be seen in the form of a summary report or a detailed report.

The program has a support for defining Hasta in the Aayadi Calculator. The Hasta measurement is distance of the tip of the index finger and the elbow of the owner. The software now allows you to specify the size of owner’s Hasta. (Example – One Hasta = 18 inches). This measure will then be used by the Aayadi calculator.

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